April 14, 2017

At a time when the Aerospace industry is facing critical shortages of Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, there are reports from industry stakeholders that young people are dropping out of aerospace qualifications due to outdated training practices that do not utilise modern technology and learning processes.

The use of technology assisted simulation and online learning technologies may be a means of addressing challenges in attracting new younger workers to the industry, as well as in delivering training in regional and remote areas where three-quarters of Australia’s airports with regular passenger transport services are located, along with locate aircraft maintenance and engineering services.

Other countries, such as the Netherlands, and major aircraft manufacturers, such as Airbus & Boeing, are using virtual reality technology to train aircraft maintenance engineers, while other types of simulated training environments have been in use in industry sectors such as aviation, train driving, building and construction and the defence forces for some time.

This project seeks to better understand:

  • how simulation can be used for learning and assessment in areas such as trouble shooting, fault identification and repair
  • what is currently being used by RTOs in the sector and what might be the most efficient ways to increase use of technology assisted simulation and online learning across the sector
  • where other industries are using technology for learning
  • what the challenges and barriers are to using technology for learning and assessment.

At the same time, the project will gather feedback on how well current training package qualifications are meeting industry needs, which will also inform training package development work.

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