August 26, 2021

IBSA’s General Manager Industry Engagement, Phil Clarke and Researcher, David Iacuone were on the expert panel for Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service (AATIS) Sustainable Careers & the Future of Work Conference on Tuesday 24 August 2021, as part of the National Skills week activities.

Predominately aimed at high school student and school leavers, the conference’s goal was to provide information for people wishing to seek apprenticeships, traineeships and careers in the sustainability sector. The conference was highly informative with career resources shared and an overview of sustainability jobs provided.

An expert panel fielded questions including Should sustainability play more of a role in traditional apprenticeships and traineeships? If so, how?, with the panel agreeing that it should indeed play a larger role in apprenticeships and traineeships.

An example was used where IBSA Manufacturing is reviewing and redeveloping certain units of competency and qualifications to incorporate circular economy principles into its Sustainability training package. IBSA Researcher David Iacuone said these changes “will enable apprentices to have a greater understanding of how to move away from the “make, use, dispose” model that has dominated the manufacturing sector to a more sustainable “make, use, reuse” model.”

They were also asked about the messaging needed to encourage employees to improve sustainability within their workplaces. The panel stated that a clear message needs to be sent to employers that sustainability helps to increase an organisation’s profitability. Principles such as Lean Manufacturing and Competitive Systems and Practices (CSP) help organisations to become efficient in minimising waste, streamlining processes and increasing the workforce’s morale. This has a knock-on effect where overall, an organisation is more profitable.

About IBSA Group

IBSA Group is a not-for-profit organisation in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector, dedicated to shaping workforce skills for the future. IBSA Group incorporates a Skills Service Organisation, which develops training packages and qualifications for the manufacturing sector, and Australian Training Products, which designs and develops high-quality accredited learning and assessment resources. IBSA Academy also forms part of the Group and offers non-accredited professional development for training practitioners.

IBSA Group is committed to supporting the VET sector within Australia and globally, through working with stakeholders across industry, government and training providers to enable the workforce of the future.