September 25, 2018

IBSA Manufacturing’s recent Industry 4.0 conference included presentations on the future of manufacturing from leading experts, Prof Aleksander Subic, Swinburne University of Technology and Dr Jens Goennemann, Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre. The VET industry viewpoint was provided by Melanie Sorensen, South Metropolitan TAFE and Karen Humphreys, TAFE NSW.

Aleksander discussed the concept of industry 4.0 – video | slides

Jens gave a picture of advanced manufacturing in Australia – video | slides

The industry viewpoint was responded to by Melanie Sorensen, General Manager, Organisational Services, South Metropolitan TAFE and Karen Humphreys, Head of Innovative Manufacturing, Robotics and Science SkillsPoint, TAFE NSW

Karen Humphries – video | slides

Melanie Sorensen – video (starts 8.24 min) | slides

Other presentations from the conference can be viewed here

For all other videos, click here


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