October 24, 2017

IBSA Board Director, Peter Dwyer, and IBSA CEO, Patricia Neden, joined approximately 100,000 visitors at WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017.

Skills are the foundation of modern life. The driving force behind successful careers and the foundation for thriving industries. WorldSkills showcases the value of skills, and raises the recognition of skilled professionals, worldwide.

This year’s event involved 1,300 competitors in 51 skill competitions over 4 days. All 215 winners can be found here. Australian champions included:

Bradley Ingham Silver in the Industrial Mechanic Millwright skill competition
Ryan Grieger Silver in the Carpentry skill competition
Trystan Sammut Bronze in the Brick Laying skill competition
Lily Campbell Bronze in the Beauty Therapy skill competition

In addition to the skills competitions, IBSA representatives reported an impressive conference and forum program. Focusing on innovation, green issues, global citizenship, entrepreneurship and Industry 4.0, the future landscape of skills excellence certainly looks exciting! A key area of discussion was addressing how vocational skills adapt to these changes and cultivate competencies employers will need in the future.

Some great quotes from the event:

“An education used to be a ticket to employment, now it’s a direction to the station.” – Youth Representative.

“Whether it’s school based VET or work based training, we need to focus on training our teachers and trainers.”  – Panel speaker.

“Smart factories, smart cities, now we need smart VET.” – Panel speaker.

IBSA Manufacturing are privileged to have attended this inspiring event and we congratulate all winners and participants.

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