March 25, 2020

Often operating silently, IBSA plays an important role in shaping the workforce skills of the Australian manufacturing industry.

As its Skills Service Organisation (SSO), IBSA’s mandate is to provide the background for Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) to develop training packages and qualifications for the manufacturing sector. Key to its success is regularly engaging with its IRCs and creating partnerships with industry bodies and influencers.

Over the last few months, IBSA has strengthened its engagement and partnership with the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) – an industry-led, not-for-profit organisation that drives innovation, productivity and competitiveness across Australia’s manufacturing industry.

A central driver in this partnership has been IBSA’s Industry Engagement team.

Various staff were recently on the road with AMGC. We asked IBSA Industry Project Manager, Peter Komsta, to recap it for us.

“As part of the AMGC event calendar, IBSA presented sessions across Australia which focused on building resilient companies and identifying pathways to advanced manufacturing. We also joined AMGC for several site visits which were a valuable source of ‘real-time’ insights into employer skill needs, operations and production considerations and technical skills.

A unique platform like this allows us the opportunity to discuss the current and emerging skill needs a range of industries face, and these key insights will be included in our upcoming series of Annual Updates to the Industry Skills Forecasts.

The site visits we went on featured everything – from boat building and flight simulators, to refineries, combine harvesters and giant wind farm towers, it gave me a new appreciation of the rich diversity that spans Australia’s manufacturing sector.

We saw some incredible things but the highlight for me was Keppel Prince in Portland, Victoria. It is here that Australia’s giant wind towers are made, each over eighty metres in height.

Seeing the working towers up-close in Cape Bridgwater was impressive. The actual metal fabrication, welding, painting and movement of each giant section … it was just a unique experience.”