April 23, 2021

Kristian Stratton has been elected the new chair of the Manufacturing and Engineering Industry Reference Committee (IRC), the body that ensures training packages meet the needs and concerns of industry.

The previous chair, Ian Curry, was elected to the Deputy Chair role to continue supporting the progress of manufacturing and engineering qualifications.

Kristian has been working with industry groups for 20 years. He is also the Chair of the Furnishing IRC and the WA State Manager and Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Australian Industry Group.

 “Seeing companies grow and individuals start long-term careers is very rewarding and I’m passionate about being able to make those outcomes as simple as possible to achieve.”

Kristian Stratton

The IRC and IBSA are progressing the release of new Manufacturing and Engineering (MEM) qualifications over the coming months to better equip workers and apprentices with the skills required by employers.


About IBSA Manufacturing

IBSA Manufacturing is the Skills Service Organisation (SSO) for the Manufacturing Industry. Our role is to work with industry to identify and document emerging trends and future workforce needs through consultation and research that in turn shape the standards and qualifications we develop.

Our research, analysis and recommendations provide the background for Industry Reference Committees to develop standards and qualifications for the manufacturing sector. IBSA Manufacturing is part of the IBSA Group of companies.