November 3, 2021

Australian Training Products General Manager, Jackson Docherty, spoke at the Gulf Conferences’ Middle East Thought Leadership Forum last week, about how to develop effective and compliant vocational training.

He discussed how setting up and improving vocational education training is more than just providing access to training.

  • Governments need to ensure training is focused on the right skills and have standards set that enable consistency of measurement
  • Industry needs to be consulted to help governments and training organisations develop the right qualifications and encourage workers to undertake learning, so they become truly work ready
  • Training organisations need to have quality resources that are engaging and ensure learners meet the standards set
  • Learners need to be encouraged to undertake training, see a benefit from a career perspective and ultimately enjoying engaging with the process

All this needs to be framed in the context of what is needed both now AND in the future, along with a digital delivery focus.

Australian Training Products and the IBSA Group have been working in Australia for over a decade helping shape workforce skills for the future. Our expertise extends from skills standard development and course design through to creating engaging eLearning courses and quality assurance.

In order to develop workforce skills that deliver work ready employees three of the core components of a modern vocational training system include standards setting, eLearning and quality assurance reviews.

Watch the full presentation