Get In Touch
Get In Touch

1.0 Purpose

IBSA is committed to high standards of ethical conduct and is committed to the delivery of continuous improvements of its products and services. IBSA has developed this policy to provide a framework receiving and answering enquiries and feedback from its stakeholders and the public more broadly.

2.0 Scope

All IBSA employees, consultants and contractors.

3.0 Policy

IBSA encourages enquiries and feedback from the public and stakeholders

IBSA will provide the public and stakeholders with:

  • Material that informs stakeholders and the public that they may submit enquiries and feedback to IBSA
  • A mechanism that enables the public and stakeholders to submit enquiries and feedback to IBSA
  • A mechanism that is easily accessible to public and stakeholders and is user friendly and intuitive
  • The assurance that feedback is recorded, considered and used
  • The assurance that enquiries are managed and answered in a timely manner, and
  • A mechanism for answering, recording and resolving complaints it receives in a timely manner.

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