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1.0 Purpose

Innovation & Business Skills Australia Ltd (“IBSA”) is committed to high standards of ethical conduct and accordingly places great importance on making clear any existing or potential conflict of interest. This policy has been developed to provide a framework for employees and contractors in declaring conflicts of interest.

2.0 Policy

IBSA requires transparency in dealing with suppliers and all other external parties. All employees and contractors are required to immediately disclose to IBSA any activity which constitutes or may constitute a conflict of interest.

  • Such conflict of interest may arise from, but is not limited to,
  • Arrangements with outside organizations in which or with whom the individual has a beneficial relationship.
  • Engaging in activities with competing organizations whilst in the employment of or under contract to IBSA.
  • Making employment relationships between IBSA and a related party
  • Gaining any personal benefit from a transaction with a third party whilst working under the banner of IBSA.

Any perceived conflict of interest must be advised to IBSA’s management.

Failure to adhere to this policy requirement may result in disciplinary action being taken.