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1.0 Purpose

To ensure that confidentiality is maintained in relation to Innovation and Business Skills Australia (“IBSA”) and client information where required.

2.0 Scope

All IBSA employees (to include members of the Board of Directors) and consultants and contractors.

3.0 Policy

IBSA’s code of conduct requires employees and contractors to:

  • Ensure that company and client information is kept confidential
  • Comply with all relevant and applicable legislation
  • Behave with integrity and honesty

Information relating to IBSA’s activities must not be communicated to a third party outside of the regular passing of relevant information to clients and to contractors. It is incumbent upon individual employees and contractors to keep safe the information that contributes to IBSA’s products and to its functionality save where the information is public information or where management has made such information available. This information includes, but is not limited to,

  • Personal information relating to staff, contractors and clients
  • Intellectual property created by IBSA for or on behalf of the Commonwealth and/or IBSA as an organisation
  • Client database
  • Pricing structures
  • Sales and marketing policies
  • The financial status of the organisation at any given point
  • Unauthorised access to computer files and/or databases

Breach of this requirement may result in disciplinary action being taken