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Get In Touch

1.0 Purpose

IBSA is committed to high standards of ethical conduct and is committed to the delivery of continuous improvements of its products and services. This policy has been developed to ensure complaints and feedback received electronically, by email, telephone or face-to-face will be investigated. IBSA will manage all complaints and feedback from the public and stakeholders in a prompt, equitable and impartial manner, respecting all privacy issues.

2.0 Scope

All IBSA employees, consultants and contractors.

3.0 Policy

All complaints and feedback received by IBSA will be handled according to the principles of fairness, accessibility, transparency and responsiveness.

In keeping with this commitment, IBSA will:

  • Effectively manage and resolve complaints and feedback it receives
  • Develop and maintain a current register of complaints and feedback
  • Regularly update the register of complaints and feedback
  • Ensure the register of complaints and feedback contains the following information:
    i. The name of the complainant or provider of feedback
    ii. Origin state or territory of the complaint and feedback
    iii. The nature of the complaint and feedback
    iv. How the issue was resolved
    v. The IBSA employee who managed the complaint and feedback
    vi. All other information
  • Successfully resolve complaints and feedback within its authority
  • Appropriately escalate complaints and feedback to the Australian Government Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business after IBSA has undertaken best endeavours to resolve the issue.

4.0 Definitions

‘Complaint’: any genuine expression of dissatisfaction or concern about a service, staff member or product provided by IBSA.

‘Feedback’: includes complaints, compliments and constructive comments or criticisms from the public and stakeholders. It should be noted that complaints and feedback related to content of published training packages is dealt with through the training package development process.

Fairness: IBSA recognises the need to be fair to the complainant and/or any person against whom a complaint has been made.

Accessibility: All public and stakeholders of IBSA have easy access to our complaints and feedback handling process.

Transparency: All complaints and feedback are dealt with openly, giving complete, accurate and quality disclosure of information.

Responsiveness: IBSA will deal with complaints and feedback quickly, treat complainants with courtesy and, wherever possible (within our authority to do so), resolve complaints within stated timelines. Where possible, all issues will be resolved within 10 business days. If issues take longer to resolve, IBSA will contact the customer to explain why.

Process for handling complaints and feedback.