November 10, 2021

During October, staff from workforce skills program developers, IBSA Group and Australian Training Products, walked the equivalent of Melbourne to Broome, WA as part of the Heart Foundation’s My Marathon Challenge.  

The My Marathon challenge is an exercise-based fundraising event to raise money for heart research and IBSA and Australian Training Products managed to raise a total of $5,690. These funds will enable a range of Heart Foundation initiatives that could make a meaningful difference to the way that heart conditions are prevented, diagnosed and treated.  

Over 100 workplaces participated, with IBSA placing seventh overall for distance covered and 13th overall for fundraising. This is a fantastic achievement for a small organisation, travelling further than some big names, including ANZ and Westpac. 

Some people got creative and included both rowing and swimming kilometres in their totals. The final distance travelled of 3880kms ended up taking the team beyond Broome to the top of the Great Northern Highway, the longest highway in Australia, linking Perth in the South to Wyndham in the North, some 3200km.  

IBSA CEO Sharon Robertson said that all staff should be incredibly proud of this accomplishment, “I have been very impressed with the level of staff participation and the positive response to the challenge during a time when most of the company was coping with lockdowns. It was a team effort and every kilometre covered helped us to achieve our goal, raising money on the way. We smashed our original target of walking to Lake Eyre to achieve the Melbourne lockdown-busting, final destination in WA!” 

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