November 15, 2018

Feedback from delegates at the IBSA Manufacturing, Industry 4.0: Unpacking the skills challenges, conference echoed findings from research regarding digital skills and the impact of Industry 4.0 on organisations and the VET sector.

The key themes of the research, reinforced by conference delegates, were the need for:

  • The VET system and Training Package development process to be more responsive
  • collaboration and partnerships across industry and the education sectors
  • ways to identify and address skills needs
  • combating the challenges created by the pace of change

Commenting on the commonalities between the two activities that demonstrate the importance of Industry 4.0, IBSA CEO, Sharon Robertson, said, “The views of industry stakeholders are very clear in relation to the challenges of gaining a better understanding of Industry 4.0 and its impact. Collaborating with, and responding to, industry needs is extremely important for our organisation.”

The Preparing for Industry 4.0 – will digital skills be enough? research arose from work commissioned by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee. It was led by IBSA Manufacturing and covered the need for digital skills in a range of manufacturing and related industries.

The research details many of the skills that are impacted, and those that will be required, by industry due to technological change.

The Digital Skills Case for Change proposed that the research findings form the basis of a national conference for those in the affected industries. The resulting IBSA Manufacturing’s Industry 4.0 – Unpacking the skills challenges conference was attended by over 100 delegates from manufacturing and related sectors, Federal and State government representatives, leading education providers and industry leaders. It explored the skills challenges posed by Industry 4.0, with the aim of assisting employers in the manufacturing sector, as well as employer peak bodies and unions, to understand more about the potential of Industry 4.0.

Responses from conference delegates are especially enlightening given the fact they represent the majority of manufacturing industry representatives who are actively engaging with the VET system through their membership of Industry Reference Committees. Read the summary of conference survey responses.

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