March 14, 2019

Representatives from IBSA Manufacturing joined thousands at the biggest Aerospace show in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition is two concurrent events; an exhibition and trade show followed by a public airshow, held biennially at Avalon Airport.

During the six day long series of trade and public events, IBSA Manufacturing met stakeholders and gained additional insights into the key issues and trends to help support the Aerospace IRC.

The series of events attended included a request for our Aerospace Industry Manager Vince Panozzo to address the Growing Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul conference to discuss developments in the Aerospace Training Package.

Here are our takeaways from the event:

General – we are seeing the rapid development of remote aircraft (pilotless aircraft / drones) and their maintenance needs as well as aircraft avionics systems and software management. We also saw more than just the future with the 360 x-ray mask. Click here for more

New Defence Aviation Safety Framework – is aligned where appropriate with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) principle and the European Military Airworthiness Requirements (EMARs) and provides significant benefits and efficiencies for Defence by adopting global aviation safety conventions and practices.

Maintenance Repair and Overhaul – forums highlighted the ‘critical’ skills shortage within the industry and the global challenges to address future requirements of skilled Aerospace technicians across the Asia Pacific region.

Innovation Pitchfest and Awards – saw 28 defence, academics, and industry people present their innovations and research projects. The innovations were centred around the following categories:

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • New components, maintenance techniques, environment and safety
  • New aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicle designs and materials
  • Cyber security networks and artificial intelligence
  • Virtual and simulation technologies and training
  • Space

Winners included an SME whose Sapphire Crystal clock has ‘fast-forwarded’ Defence’s Jindalee radar upgrade by 20 years and a young innovator using 3-D printing technology to build extremely complex rocket motor nozzles that will reduce space launch costs by up to 25%. Details of the winners

We met a large number of stakeholders, including Pennant Training Systems, a provider of technology-based training solutions to Defence, who has invited IBSA to visit their Wagga site to see the full scope of their training facility.

We also joined the WorldSkills booth as part of the STEM Careers and Skills weekend. A Flyer and a Video were developed to give people an insight into the broad range of manufacturing-based careers available in the Aerospace industry.