January 17, 2018

Patricia Neden, Chief Executive Officer IBSA, looks forward to 2018

As we start 2018 here at IBSA, we look forward with enthusiasm to the opportunities that lie ahead.

From a Skills Service Organisation (SSO) perspective, all our Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) are now established and the level of engagement IBSA Manufacturing is getting from across manufacturing sectors is very encouraging.

In response to stakeholder feedback, we have refreshed our website (www.ibsa.org.au). In particular, this provides easier access to information regarding our IRCs and their projects and consultations.

2018 will see us deliver and finalise our current suite of training package development projects. We also continue to progress the next round of Industry Skills Forecasts with our IRCs. Along with the previous Forecasts, these give everyone a bank of information to draw from and help hone thinking on future projects.

We look forward to the continued growth of Australian Training Products, following IBSA Commercial and Futura Group joining together, during its first full year of operation.

This year, the professionalism of the Vocational , Education and Training (VET) industry and requirements for most trainers to upgrade their qualifications is a key focus for all. IBSA is well positioned to assist organisations and trainers to meet this challenge. Through Australian Training Products, we have developed updated TAE40116 qualification resources as well as self-evaluation resources for the two upgrade units through our online professional development facility IBSA Academy.

We’re currently working with some of the largest training organisations in Australia to create a single, integrated process to make upgrading trainers quicker and more efficient while still ensuring quality.

Finally, my team and I will continue to do everything we can to help inspire workforce excellence in Australia and beyond.

Best regards

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