February 28, 2019

The IBSA Board held its annual strategic planning session in February as part of its 2019 business planning cycle. The session focused on how IBSA is strategically positioning itself to drive educational outcomes to meet the skills needs of industry.

The Board reflected on the strength of IBSA through its unique combination of Skills Service Organisation delivery along with the Australian Training Products, and will be looking to realise these benefits and value offering it can provide to the VET sector.

IBSA also welcomed the insights of its two new Board members, Susan Wilson and Chris Walton, to the session. Their range of experience in industry, education and government helped provide a series of new perspectives.

IBSA Chair John Vines stated, “As always, the IBSA Board had some great, robust discussions regarding IBSA’s strategic position in the market. IBSA will continue to provide a long standing and valuable contribution to the VET sector with the aim to shaping workforce skills.”

CEO Sharon Robertson added, “I am looking forward to an exciting year in 2019 and to continue growing the capabilities of the IBSA Group towards reaching its full potential.”