March 12, 2017

IBSA was pleased to host an IBSA Academy Launch session for MAS National, who deliver support services to apprentices and employers across a number of states. IBSA Academy is an online centre dedicated to providing professional development courses to RTO staff and VET Practitioners.

The session focussed on how IBSA Academy can support professional development in their organisation. Attendees included Directors, several business managers, Industry Engagement Advisors and RTO Consultants.
Feedback from the attendees was positive with some of the commentary listed below:

  •  “the event was informative and well attended. It was also a great forum that encouraged feedback and questions”,
  • “the interesting topics addressed VET specific developments, any further training and development in the VET sector is of interest”,
  • “IBSA Academy has developed a good Professional Development solution for RTOs that may not be very well set up to monitor, develop and report on required details”, and
  • “organisations can take the IBSA Academy off the shelf and have their trainers use it”.

One suggestion was to include a topic around RPL as trainers and RTOs alike would greatly benefit from a topic often misunderstood in the VET sector. IBSA has now included this topic in the next round of development for IBSA Academy.


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