November 4, 2022

IBSA is pleased to congratulate HYDAC Australia for winning the Excellence in Manufacturing Skills category at the Endeavour Awards in Sydney on Thursday 3 November.

HYDAC Australia, a leader in fluid power technology, created a stunning Mixed Reality Training and real-time assistance solution to provide students and staff an opportunity to participate in instructor or self-guided, hydraulics maintenance training in virtual reality; as well as real-time assistance by a master technician through augmented reality technology, whilst they are performing maintenance tasks on location.

The Mixed Reality Training brings together students and trainers from across the country, all interacting in real-time in the same virtual space.

The cutting edge technology allows for the first time, the unique possibility for students and trainers, all to be in different locations, and virtually come together in a bespoke virtual training space. It allows direct interaction with the equipment, real time instruction, feedback, verification of skills, and more.

The Endeavour Awards awards are regarded as the premier Awards program within the manufacturing industry and the Excellence in Manufacturing Skills category was created by IBSA in 2019.