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Your feedback and enquiries about training packages is welcomed at any time. To provide feedback IBSA Manufacturing SSO
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Skills Service Organisations are funded by the Australian Government to:
Provide secretariat support to Industry Reference Committees in the development and review of qualifications and training packages
Consult and engage with stakeholders and implement their feedback to ensure training packages cover the skills needed in the industry
Inform industry stakeholders and employers about the latest news and trends
Develop compliant training packages that are relevant to a contemporary Australian economy, are embraced by the industry and maximise the potential for access to employment

Industry Reference Committees ensure that training packages address the needs and concerns of employers, employees, trainers, and learners. The Committees are made up of people with experience, skills, and knowledge of their particular industry sector. Their direct relationship with the Australian Industry and Skills Committee ensures those needs have priority.

View the IRCs IBSA Manufacturing works with

IBSA Manufacturing uses a five phase methodology to develop training packages in line with the Training Package Development and Endorsement Process Policy. Read more…

Each Industry Reference Committee’s Industry Skills Forecast is accessible as a downloadable PDF from our Info Hub.

Each Industry Reference Committee’s Case for Change is accessible as a downloadable PDF from our industry pages.

We look after a number of Training Packages for each our Industry Reference Committees. These include:
•  MEA Aeroskills Training Package
•  MST Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Training Package
•  MEM Manufacturing and Engineering Training Package
•  MSF Furnishing Training Package
•  MSM Manufacturing Training Package
•  MSL Laboratory Operations Training Package
•  MSS Sustainability Training Package
•  PMA Chemical, Hydrocarbons and Refining Training Package
•  PMB Plastics, Rubber and Cablemaking Training Package

To view a specific training package, see our industry pages.

We provide support and services to our allocated Industry Reference Committees throughout the review and development of qualifications and training packages. Our role is to develop and validate training packages, which involves ongoing research and consultation with relevant industry stakeholders.

To view our current consultations and projects, click here.

If you wish to provide feedback, complete the Feedback and Enquiry Form on our contact page.

All feedback is added to our Issues Register for Industry Reference Committee review.

You will find current information on transition and teach out arrangements for superseded or deleted qualifications at the ASQA website.

A Companion Volume Implementation Guide is available for every training package and contains information to help providers implement the training package. It includes:
Version control and modification history
Mapping information (explaining whether the outcomes of the new products are equivalent or not equivalent to the superseded products
Regulation and licensing implications for implementation
Mandatory entry requirements, pathways advice and access and entry conditions
Resource and equipment lists

You can find all our available Companion Volume Implementation guides at

All current qualifications are listed on together with the RTOS approved to deliver them.

Our Products and Resources are now available through Australian Training Products