October 21, 2017

With many skills cutting across multiple industry sectors the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) has identified eight cross-sector skills areas where opportunities exist to create flexible and transferable training package components that will benefit industry, learners and the broader VET sector.

Each cross-sector project will have its own Project Reference Group (PRG) to provide the conduit for industry feedback to government on industry trends. PRGs will be supported by a Skills Service Organisation (SSO) and include members from each Industry Reference Committee (IRC) which has a material interest in the project.

Digital Skills Cross Sector Project

IBSA Manufacturing is pleased to lead the Digital Skills PRG to undertake research and scope the work required to develop training package components. This project aims to review industry skills needs for digital literacy, additive manufacturing (3D printing) and programming / coding skills.

October 2017 Update
The Project Reference Group met in early October to consider themes emerging from consultations and research and provide direction for the Case for Change.

Consultations and Training Package Analysis continues and a draft Case for Change will be available for consideration in November.

The Case for Change will provide an analysis of existing sector-specific competencies that could be adapted for use across industries. and justification for the development of new cross-industry units of competency, skill sets or qualifications to address new and emerging digital skills.

For more information on this project click here.

Other Cross Sector Projects

Big Data Skills
Skills in capturing and interpreting of data are increasing in importance and this. This project will review new and emerging roles and skills required for the workforce to analyse data and make decisions based on that analysis.

Automation Skills
Current and emerging developments in automated processes will be reviewed as part of this project to determine the cross-sector skills required to use robotics, drones and remote operation systems.

Consumer Engagement through social and online media
This project will review key skills for businesses to remain competitive in a global market including cultural awareness, customer service, marketing, communication and social media skills.

Supply Chain Skills
Many industries are seeking to increase efficiencies, meet consumer demands to become more competitive across supply chains. This project investigates cross sector skills to support these industries.

Cyber Security
Exponential growth in the amount of data created and stored raises significant concerns across industries about privacy and security. This project reviews the skills required to respond to emerging cyber challenges.

Skills for Environmental Sustainability (previously Green Skills)
This project reviews the current and emerging skills required to support transition by multiple industry sectors to a sustainable economy. Key areas include environmentally sustainable products, manufacturing and waste processes, and sustainable energy production.

Team Work and Communication
This project will look at similarities of key themes for team work and communication, to develop common teamwork and communication units to be used across multiple industry sectors.

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