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October 2019: Stage 2 – Qualitative Interviews to commence

We’re pleased to advise that Stage 1 of the Industry Research has completed. Thank you to the Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) who completed the Survey and have given so freely of their time to inform this work.

Stage 2 of this research will be undertaken from October to December 2019. This stage involves individual qualitative interviews with Industry and training providers including:

  • RTOs currently delivering qualifications from the MEA Aerospace Training Package.
  • Major airlines, aeroplane manufacturers and training providers both in Australia and internationally

The interviews will explore how technology assisted simulation is being used in training and assessment contexts in the Aerospace and other relevant industries.

August 2019: Stage 1 – RTO Survey

IBSA Manufacturing is pleased to advise that Stage 1 of the Technology in Training and Assessment – an Aerospace Industry Perspective project has commenced.

The initial survey of RTOs will take place in the second half of August 2019 and the findings of Stage 1 of the research are expected to be presented to the subcommittee in September.  Stage 2 of the research, qualitative interviews, is expected to take place from October to December 2019.

June 2019: Update

The sub-committee appointed by the Aerospace Industry Reference Committee to oversee the project, met in June 2019 and approved the project plan.