October 2018 Update

IBSA Manufacturing are undertaking a broad range of consultations within the Sustainability Industry. The outcomes of these consultations will be used to inform the 2019 Industry Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work.

Examples of consultations conducted by IBSA Manufacturing to date, include:

Environmental Monitoring, Future Trends and Skills Workshop
IBSA Manufacturing is holding a workshop in late-October 2018 in order to discuss future trends and skills needs for the environmental monitoring and management sector.

A survey will also be circulated via the Australasian Land and Groundwater Association (ALGA) newsletter to further capture feedback on the future skills needs for this sector.

Corporate Social Responsibility Project
IBSA Manufacturing conducted a number of consultations to support the Corporate Social Responsibility Project. Participants were also asked to identify emerging priorities and skills needs to feed into the annual Skills Forecast submission.

Reports and Intelligence
As part of the development of their 2018 Industry Skills Forecast, the Sustainability Industry Reference Committee (IRC) undertook a number of activities, which will also inform the 2019 return. This includes:
Sustainability Future Skills Outcomes 2018


Current projects and consultations

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