In light of the extensive disruption to the Australian economy and its labour market as a result of COVID-19 pandemic, the Chairs of the six Industry Reference Committees supported by IBSA have resolved to not proceed at this point in time with the development of the Annual Updates.  The associated consultation process that would normally have taken place at this time has been cancelled.

This decision reflects the lack of certainty and clarity around the impact of the pandemic, and also recognises the fact that many people who would normally make substantial contributions to the development of the Annual Update are not in a position to do so because of their involvement in responding to the disruption the pandemic is causing.

The focus of the IRCs at this time will be on ensuring that training packages are able to respond to the emerging environment in light of range of Government initiatives, ongoing structural changes in the economy and labour market.

It should be noted that IBSA will continue to work with its Industry Reference Committees and associated industry groups to develop and submit Cases for Change to the Australian Industry Skills Council (AISC).  IBSA will also continue to manage to conclusion the range of current training package development projects.

The Manufacturing Industry Reference Committee Chairs are interested in receiving your feedback about changes to jobs and skills needed to support industry to survive and thrive in the emerging environment. Click here to provide your feedback.