The AISC has approved the Case for Endorsement following the AISC Out of Session process in September.

Release 2.0 of the MSS Sustainability Training Package is now available on the national register,

The Case for Endorsement, final draft training package components and the Implementation Guides (Companion Volume and a new Range of Conditions) have been submitted to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) for approval.

The Case for Endorsement provides the AISC with the case for approving the revised training package components. It includes a description of how the training package components were developed, an overview of the changes made, consultation processes and evidence of alignment to the organising framework of standards that supports the development of Training Packages.

Thanks to all members of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Sustainability Industry Reference Committee (IRC) who have given so freely of their time to shape the changes. Thanks must also go to all stakeholders who provided comment throughout the project.

Copies of the draft documents submitted to the AISC for approval will be available on this project page once the Case for Endorsement has been accepted by the Department of Education and Training (Commonwealth). It is important to note, the training package components remain draft until approved by the AISC and are available on the national register (

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