Industry owned, Industry led

A new entity, Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance, building on the capabilities of IBSA Group, is proposed to become the new Manufacturing, Print and Textiles Industry Cluster and give industry a stronger role in shaping workforce skills.

The new Industry Cluster will seek to address the problems in the current system, including industry having a stronger voice, speed to market and relevance of qualifications guided by a holistic approach to workforce planning.

The Commonwealth, States and Territories are working together to ensure a strong national training system that equips individual Australians and the Australian workforce with the skills needed for current, emerging and future jobs, opportunities and challenges.

Industry Clusters will operate within the national training system and be accountable for the delivery of high-quality training products that address the skills needs of both employers and learners. Industry clusters will implement industry based workforce planning, and develop solutions to identified priority areas through improved training packages and other strategies.

The grant application is being considered by the Commonwealth Government and once the outcome is announced, more detail will be provided.


IBSA Group is giving you the opportunity to register your interest below to be involved in the activities of the proposed new entity, Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance, as the Manufacturing, Print and Textiles Industry Cluster, building on the capabilities of IBSA Group, to give industry a stronger role in shaping workforce skills.

Manufacturing has a new sense of optimism and addressing skills issues is critical to the future of the industry in Australia.

The proposed design for the new Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance will feature deeper engagement and collaboration between employers, industry associations, unions and training organisations in order to broaden and strengthen industry’s vital role at the centre of workforce and skills development.

We are keen to hear the voice of, and engage with, all parties with an interest in the manufacturing, print, textiles, automotive, aerospace, sustainability, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, defence and space sectors, proposed by the government to form part of this cluster.

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The Manufacturing Industry has told us we need to:

1. Grow sovereign capability in areas of competitive advantage, driving a skilled workforce in new technologies, product development, design and prototyping, along with sustainability and collaborative skills.

2. Elevate critical strategies to deliver labour mobility and quality by engaging a range of sectors to deliver an integrated manufacturing growth plan.

3. Focus on new and emerging industries, enabling anticipation of future job roles and development of relevant qualifications.

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The core functions of the cluster are workforce planning; training product development; implementation, promotion and monitoring and industry stewardship; all delivered through extensive stakeholder engagement.


The Manufacturing, Print and Textiles Industry Cluster is proposed to cover:

– Advanced Manufacturing and Production
– Basic Chemical and Chemical Product Manufacturing
– Defence and Space Technologies
– Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
– Furniture, Flooring and Other Manufacturing
– Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
– Machinery and Equipment Repair and Maintenance
– Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing
– Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
– Petroleum and Coal Product Manufacturing
– Polymer Product and Rubber Product Manufacturing
– Primary Metal and Metal Product Manufacturing
– Printing (including the Reproduction of Recorded Media)
– Pulp, Paper and Converted Paper Product Manufacturing
– Recreational Vehicles
– Textile, Leather, Clothing and Footwear Manufacturing
– Transport Equipment Manufacturing
– Wood Product Manufacturing

*sectors as proposed by Department of Education, Skills and Employment Industry Cluster Grant Opportunity Guidelines