IBSA Manufacturing is pleased to announce that the Manufacturing and Engineering Industry Reference Committee (MEM IRC) has finalised the implementation MEM Release 2.1. It has received ministerial endorsement and is now live on training.gov.au.  

This release represents the finalisation of Release 2.1 of MEM and includes updates and improvements to the critical trades within manufacturing engineering.

The transition period for implementation began in June 2019 and will conclude in December 2022.

To assist with the transition, the below guides were developed to provide advice to Industry and training organisations regarding implementation of the new package:

Stakeholder activities

As part of this project, we undertook a series of 11 stakeholder webinar stakeholder series to promote the implementation of MEM Release2.1. Due to COVID, the planned schedule of national roadshows events did not go ahead. The project has now been completed and a  report submitted to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

Click here to download MEM Release 2.1 Frequently Asked Questions

The MEM Training Package has evolved with the development of a modern manufacturing industry. It reflects how skills are used in the workplace, and the direct relationship between skills and industry occupations.

Release 2 of the MEM training package covers 18 qualifications that set the standard for key engineering trade occupations such as:

  • Boilermaker
  • Welder
  • Fitter
  • Machinist
  • Fixed and mobile plant mechanic (diesel fitter)
  • Toolmaker
  • Casting and moulding trades
  • Marine craft construction trades.

In December 2020, Skills Ministers endorsed the MEM release 2 Training Package and in making that decision allowed for an exemption to Section 3.6.1 of Training Package Products Policy. That exemption allows the mandating of apprenticeship pathways for certain qualifications within the Training Package.

The exemption is applicable to 13 Certificate III Manufacturing and Engineering qualifications contained in Release 2.0 of the Manufacturing and Engineering Training Package:

  • MEM30219 – Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade
  • MEM30319 – Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade
  • MEM30619 – Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture
  • MEM30719 – Certificate III in Marine Craft Construction
  • MEM30819 – Certificate III in Locksmithing
  • MEM30919 – Certificate III in Boating Services
  • MEM31019 – Certificate III in Watch and Clock Service and Repair
  • MEM31119 – Certificate III in Engineering – Composites Trade
  • MEM31219 – Certificate III in Engineering – Industrial Electrician
  • MEM31319 – Certificate III in Refrigeration and Air conditioning
  • MEM31419 – Certificate III in Engineering – Fixed and Mobile Plant Mechanic
  • MEM31519 – Certificate III in Engineering – Toolmaking Trade
  • MEM31719 – Certificate III in Engineering – Casting and Moulding Trade.

The requirement that qualifications be undertaken through a workplace-based pathway is stipulated at the qualification level, not the unit or skill set level, including skill sets required to complete an approved trade skills recognition process.

The requirement to undertake these qualifications via workplace-based pathways does not apply where a person has already undertaken a related trade Certificate III via an apprenticeship or via recognition of prior learning, or to other students and skilled migrants who have successfully undergone an approved trade skills recognition assessment.

The Skills Ministers’ decision also included a recommendation to extend the transition for the MEM 05 qualifications through to December 2022, this recommendation was implemented by ASQA on March 3, 2021.

After the Ministers decision and with the guidance of the MEM IRC, IBSA Manufacturing implemented the required changes to the Training Package along with the following actions:

  • The Essential Features Guide and Companion Volume and Implementation Guide were updated and made available on the National Register
  • A communication and information strategy has been developed to support all users implementing the Training Package. This strategy will be rolled out from June to August 2021.

Release 2.1 of the MEM training package was uploaded to the National Register on March 31, 2021.