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December 2019: Update

IBSA has been working with key stakeholders to develop Draft 1 components. A TAC meeting is being scheduled to consider changes and confirm consultation draft. Once approved, documents will be available for review and feedback via the IBSA website.

July 2019

The TAC met in March and April to progress draft one component. Changes to unit content and qualification structure are being considered, with a number of units likely to be proposed for removal. IBSA is continuing to engage with the TAC and industry stakeholders to ensure changes are based on sound industry recommendations.

December 2018

The TAC met on 27 November and confirmed an approach for draft one units. TAC members acknowledged the duplication between units and considered the need to amend content to better describe industry requirements. There was strong recommendation that it is was generally not appropriate for PMB units to be delivered stand-alone, with workers required to have a comprehensive understanding of the entire job role. Draft 1 components are scheduled to be available for review in February 2019.

October 2018

A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has been formed and their first meeting was held on 28 August 2018. Reconfiguration of the qualifications is being considered and streaming of electives to ensure alignment with industry skill needs, current work practices and equipment. Work has also progressed to identify duplication across training package products as well as those that are obsolete and may be considered for removal. Draft 1 components are scheduled to be available by February 2019.

July 2018

Draft training package components for the Skills for the Polymer Industry Project are scheduled to be available for review and comment in early October 2018 (Draft 1), and early February 2019 (Draft 2).

At the same time we will conduct a series of forums and webinars to outline key changes to the training package. Please register your interest in the project to be kept informed of consultation opportunities.