The Process Manufacturing, Recreational Vehicle and Laboratory (PMRVL) Industry Reference Committee (IRC), supported by IBSA Manufacturing, is undertaking a review to update the PMB Plastics, Rubber and Cablemaking Training Package components to address overly broad qualifications that do not meet industry needs.

Refer to the Case for Change for more information on the training package components being modified as well as the research undertaken to support this project.


Public consultation for Draft 2 now open

Public consultation on Draft 2 of the training package components for the Skills for the Polymer Industry Project is currently open. It runs from Monday 29 July until Friday 10 July 2020.
The Consultation Paper provides key information about proposed changes. Please review this document before you provide feedback on the draft components.

Draft Training Package components

Existing units
There are a number of broad changes that have been made across all units of competency. Certain units of competency have had considerable content changes, mainly to Performance Criteria, to better reflect industry requirements. Several units have also been given new titles to better reflect the task.

Feedback on pre-requisite units resulted in this area being a key focus when developing drafts for round 2 consultation. Several pre-requisites have been removed from units to reduce unnecessary barriers.

New units
The following new units have been developedL

  • PMBTECH407 Produce composite products using cored-laminate techniques
  • PMBPROD2XXE Cut rubber materials

Deleted units
There are 53 units marked for deletion as they have been identified as no longer supported by industry, or content has been merged into other units.
Review the draft units of competency here.

A mapping document is also available, which shows how units of competency map from Release 1.0 to this project, and vice versa.

Several changes have been made across the qualifications including:

  • PMB20120 Certificate II in Polymer Processing – support for retaining the qualification; changes to core units and packaging rules.
  • PMB30120 Certificate III in Polymer Processing – changes to core units and packaging rules; a new ‘Rubber Lining’ specialisation added; changes to units listed in the Composites, Extrusion and Conveyor belt maintenance and repair specialisations.
  • PMB40120 Certificate IV in Polymer Technology – changes to core units and packaging rules; changes to units listed in the Composites, Extrusion, Injection Moulding and Conveyor belt maintenance and repair specialisation.
  • PMB50120 Diploma of Polymer Technology – changes to core units and packaging rules.
  • PMB60116 Advanced Diploma of Polymer Technology – proposed for deletion.

Further detail is included in the consultation paper.
Review the draft qualifications here.

Providing Feedback

Please email your feedback to [email protected] by Friday 10 July 2020.

Note: All feedback is important, whether you’re letting us know you agree with the proposed changes or you’re providing suggested changes. All feedback will be considered by the industry experts to inform the final draft.

Why we are reviewing it

This project will identify the skills and knowledge requirements to support contemporary job roles in the polymers industry. Feedback suggests that the current qualifications are too broad, without industry-specific skills, and contain redundant electives.

What we are reviewing

  • 5 qualifications:*
    • PMB20116 Certificate II in Polymer Processing
    • PMB30116 Certificate III in Polymer Processing
    • PMB40116 Certificate IV in Polymer Technology
    • PMB50116 Diploma of Polymer Technology
    • PMB60116 Advanced Diploma of Polymer Technology
  • 178 units of competency.

Governance and methodology

Training package projects are overseen by the relevant Industry Reference Committee (IRC) and supported by a project Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). They guide the project and provide industry expertise for developing the components. All projects are then referred to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) for approval.

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