IBSA Manufacturing was pleased to support the Process Manufacturing, Recreational Vehicle and Laboratory Industry Reference Committee (IRC) in undertaking development work for the MSL Laboratory Operations Training Package to reflect industry changes in the testing of pathology samples. Please refer to the Case for Change for more information on the research undertaken to support this project

A new unit of competency and skill set were developed to meet increased demand and required skills. These components covered new point of care testing (PoCT) technology which had been developed to allow on-the-spot testing, for which workers needed to be trained. The aim was to meet increased demand in this area and to provide workers with an opportunity to gain the skills required to provide accurate and timely test results. The development of a point of care testing skill set was welcomed by employers in the pathology sector. Employees would be able to learn new skills that prepare them for trends currently sweeping the industry, and which are only predicted to increase. The skill set will provide an alternative educational offering for workers, initially in the pathology sector, looking to upgrade their skills.

Development of resources for registered training organisations (RTOs) as part of the COVID response allowed them to deliver training for the pathology sector to better meet employer requirements.
This project received ministerial endorsement in April 2020.

For more information please visit: www.dwer.gov.au