IBSA Manufacturing was pleased to support the Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Industry Reference Committee (IRC) to transition, replace or delete outstanding components within the existing LMT07 Textiles, Clothing and Footwear Training Package to the MST Textiles, Clothing And Footwear Training Package.

This project was completed in early 2019 and released with the MST ‘TCF Buying Skills’ project (MST Release 2.0).


This project involves work in the following areas:

  • the redevelopment of 7 units and deletion of 3 Medical Grade Footwear units
  • the development of a n unit in Wool Processing and redevelopment 3 other units
  • 11 superseded or superfluous units and 6 superseded qualifications which were identified for deletion in 2016 will be actioned, and
  • Cotton ginning and TCF Mechanic qualifications and units are flagged for transition to the MEM Manufacturing and Engineering Training Package

For more information please visit: www.dwer.gov.au