The Manufacturing and Engineering Industry Reference Committee (IRC) Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work identifies training package development work required to meet industry needs and sets out the evidence of that need. The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) draws on this information to determine future Training Package Project priorities and allocates them to the AISC National Schedule.

Project Aim

This work identifies skills gaps and emerging skills needs within industry and proposes the likely timing of training package development work over the next four years.

The Manufacturing and Engineering IRC annual review of the Skills Forecast draws on and considers multiple inputs. These include extensive consultation with a broad range of industry stakeholders, training statistics on enrolments, completions and apprenticeships, data from ABS, Census and labour market projections, and independent research.


The development of the Industry Skills Forecast is overseen and ultimately determined by industry via the Manufacturing and Engineering IRC members.

Project Methodology and Timelines

This work has five phases:

Phase 1: Data Gathering: Consider IRC and AISC priorities, outline research process.
Phase 2: Research & Consultations:
Industry consultation, research literature, analyse data.
Phase 3: Draft Skills Forecast components: Present findings on industry consultation, skills gaps and emerging skills needs. Consult with industry to validate findings.
Phase 4: Finalise Report: Extensive consultation with industry and state training authorities and endorsement by the IRC.
Phase 5: Annual Submission: To the Australian Industry and Skills Committee.

Feedback / Consultation Process

Project updates will be provided through our newsletters and direct emails to our industry contacts. Please click here to receive project updates and subscribe to our newsletters.

The preliminary and development thinking of IRC members will be published progressively in order to stimulate broad discussion in industry.

The IRC welcome feedback in developing the Industry Skills Forecast.

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