IBSA Manufacturing was pleased to support the Process Manufacturing, Recreational Vehicle and Laboratory Industry Reference Committee (IRC) to undertake the Manufactured Mineral Products 2017 Project.

The Manufactured Mineral Products 2017 Project included upgrading and transitioning the qualifications to the Manufacturing Training Package (MSM).


In addition to updating 79 existing units, the project also undertook the following review and development work:

PMC units for repackaging in the MSM Training Package, including:

  • Assessing whether units with between five and 25 national enrolments (over five years) should be deleted
  • Conducting a mapping and comparison exercise of units with above 25 enrolments to determine which PMC units can be replaced with MSM units
  • Reviewing remaining units to ensure they reflect current practice and terminology and appropriate assessment requirements
  • Importing reviewed PMC units into the MSM Training Package

5 new units of competency that meet manufactured mineral products industry requirements

  • Working with materials and processes (concrete technology/precast)
  • Implementing Australian Standards
  • Using batch command control systems
  • Mechanical maintenance for concrete plants
  • Mathematics, measurements and angles


For more information please visit: www.dwer.gov.au