The Furnishing Industry Reference Committee (IRC), supported by IBSA Manufacturing, has reviewed the MSF Furnishing Training Package to reduce duplication and ensure it meets current and future industry skills needs. The Case for Change provides more information on the research undertaken to support this project.

The Final Training Package components, Case for Endorsement  and Companion Volume Implementation Guide have received Ministerial endorsement. Release 6.0 of MSF Training Package components is now available on the National Register of VET,


The primary focus of this project has been to review the units of competency contained within two qualifications (MSF40213 Certificate IV in Furniture Design and Technology and MSF50313 Diploma of Furniture Design and Technology). Skills and knowledge requirements to support contemporary and emerging job roles in furniture design and current and emerging work practices in the furniture design and technology sector were incorporated in redeveloped qualifications to improve clarity in performance standards in the workplace, and strengthen assessment requirements to meet industry needs. Key industry drivers related to better support for:

  • knowledge and use of new materials and technologies, including Computer Aided Design (CAD);
  • increased competitiveness of the Australian furniture industry in a global market; and
  • innovation and sustainability in the industry.

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