In partnership with the Digital Skills Organisation (DSO), IBSA Group is undertaking a project to define and shape digital fluency standards for Australian manufacturing.

Digital literacy are the skills every person needs to interact in a digitally enabled world, while digital fluency is improving these skills to keep pace with changes in technology.

Using the DSO’s generic Digital Fluency Standard as a blueprint, IBSA Group will undertake targeted research and analysis of digital fluency skills in the manufacturing sector – examining digital fluency capabilities.

This analysis will be used to develop a specific manufacturing digital fluency skill standard and provide a consistent framework of the digital skills required.

The skills standards will include:

  • A clear definition for digital fluency in the manufacturing sector.
  • A digital fluency standard that articulates digital fluency skills and proficiency levels.
  • Skill pathways to upskill workers in digital fluency for agreed manufacturing technician occupations.
  • Online assets including self-assessment instruments to identify skill gaps,  career advice resources, free online courses and other learning resources.

Project Outcome

The project will deliver an industry-endorsed definition of digital fluency that truly reflects Australian manufacturing needs. The new standards will enable workforces to develop the right digital fluency skills, both through upskilling and reskilling the current workforce, and ensuring new entrants have got the skills necessary.

The manufacturing industry Digital Fluency Standard will also include self-assessment tools and pathways to upskill across a range of job roles.

*The project is due for completion in May 2022.

Get involved

Employers keen to be involved in the project and provide input into the standard can contact [email protected].

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