Thank you to everyone who provided feedback during the consultation phase of this Digital Skills Cross Sector Project.

IBSA Manufacturing has prepared a Case for Change with supporting research; which was endorsed by the Project Reference Group.

This Digital Skills Cross Sector project, by design, looked across a number of Training Packages to identify qualifications, skill sets and units of competency impacted by digital analytic/diagnostic skills, additive manufacturing (3D printing) skills, and programming/coding skills.

Stakeholder feedback identified a need to strengthen specific digital skills in specific existing qualifications/units. In response to this feedback, the Case for Change includes recommendations to review and update:

  • 10 existing qualifications
  • 211 existing digital units from Training Packages within the scope of this project– with a priority given to those which have not had substantial changes made to them for five or more years.

The Case for Change also recommends the undertaking of further cross sector work to examine the skill needs of Industry 4.0 and the potential impact on Training Packages.

Click here to view the Digital Skills Case for Change.

The Case for Change has been lodged with the Department and will be considered by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee in 2018.

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