The Furnishing Industry Reference Committee (IRC), supported by IBSA Manufacturing, has reviewed the Certificate III and entry-level pathways qualifications in the MSF Furnishing Training Package to meet workforce upskilling demands and reflect current and emerging industry skills in line with the Case for Change for Furniture Finishing and Cabinet Making and Pathways.


The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) approved MSF Release 7.0 Furnishing, Cabinet Making and Pathways Project in August 2022. The training package components are now available on the National Register of VET,

This project redeveloped and rationalise components in line with the impact of workforce changes, technological advancements and new emerging skills, and job roles and tasks that have been significantly affected as a result, it is important for industry to review and redevelop the cabinet making qualifications to better meet industry best practice and skills needs. 179 units were reviewed and updated to reflect current industry needs and improve quality and clarity and duplication, repetition and obsolete content in the training package in the areas of furniture finishing and cabinet making, and pathways was removed with the following outcome:

  • MSF30322 Certificate III in Cabinet Making and Timber Technology combines 3 qualifications providing specializations in  Furniture, Kitchens and Bathrooms, Marine Cabinetry, Wood Machining, Coopering, Drafting
  • MSF20322 Certificate II in Cabinet Making and Timber Technology
  • MSF20122 Certificate II in Furnishing combines furnishing and furniture finishing
  • MSF20522 Certificate II in Furniture Making Pathways
  • MSF10122 Certificate I in Furnishing
  • MSF30122 Certificate III in Furniture Finishing with specialisations in French Polishing, Polyurethane Coating
  • MSF30722 Certificate III in Upholstery includes a: Production Specialisation
  • MSF40522 Certificate IV in Piano Technology

It should be noted that the Certificate III in Soft Furnishing has been deleted

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