Analysis of Biofuels

IBSA Manufacturing was pleased to support the Process Manufacturing, Recreational Vehicle and Laboratory Industry Reference Committee (PMRVL IRC) to undertake a review of the MSL Manufacturing Training Package.

The PMRVL IRC identified that training in laboratory qualifications was not producing workers with the desired skills and knowledge in testing, sampling, analysis and interpretation of results for the emerging biofuels industry. As part of the project there will be an investigation into the training requirements of the biofuels industry.

Please read the Case for Change for more information on the research undertaken to support this project.

Research undertaken as part of the project into requirements for the laboratory workforce showed a very high proportion of workers in the bio sector are operating at the tertiary level, due to the complexity of skills and knowledge required. The skills and knowledge that relate to laboratory technicians at a VET level appear to be generally covered by existing units in the MSL Laboratory Operations Training Package, recently reviewed in 2018.

Throughout the consultation phase stakeholders regularly commented on the role of the ‘operator’ who has oversight of processing the biomass, suggesting that this may be a better focus for the project. As a result, IBSA Manufacturing undertook further research and job role analysis to better understand the skill and knowledge requirements aligned to this job role.

This project was completed in April 2019.

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