The Aerospace Industry Reference Committee (IRC), supported by IBSA Manufacturing, reviewed the MEA Aeroskills Training Package to align qualifications to support industry’s skills requirements as well as current and future industry job roles.. The Case for Change was approved by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) in 2019 and work was completed on qualifications and units not impacted by licensing requirements.

This project  was approved by the AISC and has received Ministerial Endorsement. The training package components are expected to be available on the National Register of VET by the end of 2022.




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The current licensing qualifications within the training package don’t provide clear and transparent connections between the Vocational Education and Training (VET) system and the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) licensing systems. By harmonising the training and career pathways across the aviation sectors (civilian, defence, airline and general), a new generation of qualified engineers will be available to replace workers as they retire.

  • 25 qualifications
  • 213 skill sets
  • 217 units.

IBSA is currently undertaking Stage 1: qualifications and units not impacted by licensing requirements:

What we are reviewing
  • 186 units of competency reviewed
    • two current units merged into one new unit: MEAENG0003 Select and test engineering materials
    • 25 units of competency deleted
  • 22 qualifications reviewed
    • four qualifications merged with two new qualifications resulting at Diploma and Advanced Diploma level
    • five qualifications deleted
  • 136 skills sets reviewed
    • 41 skill sets deleted.

Training package development projects are overseen by the relevant Industry Reference Committee (IRC) and supported by a project Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). They guide the project and provide industry expertise for developing the components.  All projects are then referred to the AISC for approval.