Aircraft Maintenance Subcategory B1 Licences Project – Round 2 Consultation Close Off

Broader consultation on draft two of the MEA Aeroskills training package components is now closed.

Thank you to those stakeholders who provided comment. The feedback was collated and is currently being considered by the industry Subcommittee and Industry Reference Committee (IRC), to determine how updates within the MEA50215 Diploma of Aeroskills (Mechanical) will comply with all industrial instruments for participants seeking CASA Licence sub-categories B1.2 and B1.4.

Final training package components are expected to be signed off by the Industry Reference Committee (IRC) once these discussions are finalised. At this time the Case for Endorsement and related training package components will be submitted to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) when available.


Round 2 Consultation

Round 2 consultation Draft training package components for the Aircraft Maintenance Subcategory B1 Licences Project ended on August 17.

Summary to Date
The 2018 Aerospace Training Package project involves review of 39 units of competency and the MEA50215 Diploma of Aeroskills (Mechanical), to include 3 units to facilitate pathways to B1.2 and B1.4 licences.

The project also involves development of new content and redevelopment of existing content to address the following areas:

  • align MEA50215 Diploma of Aeroskills (Mechanical) to CASA subcategories licences B1.2 and B1.4.
  • provide pathway opportunities in gaining the CASA sub licences and, where possible, align with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards
  • provide access for apprentices to become piston engine aeroplane and helicopter LAMEs.
  • enhance the existing qualification by broadening its applicability to those seeking B1.2 and B1.4 licences within the industry

All content has been updated to reflect current industry practice and to comply with the National Standards for Training Packages. In a number of cases, prerequisite units have been deleted from the qualification and training package components.

The outcome of this work is that:

  • there is a reduction in repetition and duplication across the training package
  • units are easier to read and understand, and
  • assessment requirements have been strengthened to meet industry needs

Round 1 Consultation

Round 1 consultation Draft training package components for the Aircraft Maintenance Subcategory B1 Licences Project ended on July 13.

Broad consultation was undertaken which involved draft components being made available via the website, along with national face to face workshops and webinars to gather feedback. Click here to read more

All feedback will be considered by the project subcommittee and Draft 2 public consultation will be made available from 3 – 17 August.


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