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October 2018 Update

IBSA Manufacturing are undertaking a broad range of consultations within the Aerospace Industry. The outcomes of these consultations will be used to inform the 2019 Industry Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work.

Examples of consultations conducted by IBSA Manufacturing to date, include:

Aircraft Maintenance Subcategory B1 Licences Project
IBSA Manufacturing conducted a round of Aerospace Industry consultation, via face-to-face and webinar sessions from 27th June – 9th July 2018. This consultation was to support the Aircraft Maintenance Subcategory B1 Licences Project; however, participants were asked also asked to identify emerging priorities and skills needs to feed in the annual Industry Skills Forecast submission.

Expert Panel on Aviation Skills and Training
In July 2018, an Expert Panel on Aviation Skills and Training was convened by the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities, at the behest of industry stakeholders, in order to:

  • undertake a multi-faceted review to identify strategies to support future training and retention of aviation professionals in Australia; and
  • to examine potential steps to further develop Australia’s positions as a leading exporter of aviation training.

The Panel’s final report is available here.

IBSA Manufacturing also consulted directly with a nominated representative from the Panel, to identify emerging priorities and skills needs, to feed into ongoing research and planning work for the Industry Skills Forecast.

Reports and Intelligence
As part of the development of their 2018 Industry Skills Forecast, the Aerospace Industry Reference Committee (IRC) undertook a number of activities, which will also inform the 2019 return. These include:
Aerospace Future Skills Outcomes 2018
Aerospace Survey