The AISC approved the final draft MEA Aeroskills Training Package components for the Aeroskills 2017 Project at the February 2018 meeting. Release 2.0 of the MEA Aeroskills Training Package is now available on the national register, training.gov.au.

IBSA Manufacturing, in consultation with the Aerospace IRC, established a technical advisory committee (TAC) to provide specific subject matter advice and technical expertise for the development and review of the training package components. The TAC operated under the direction of the IRC and comprised of organisations and nominated individuals with significant expertise and knowledge working within the industry.

The Aeroskills 2017 Project saw the upgrade of MEA41115 Certificate IV in Aircraft Life Support and Furnishing to align with the requirements of the principle user the Australian Defence Force (ADF) which resulted in a new qualification title Certificate IV in Aeronautical Life Support Equipment. In addition, a new unit (MEA731 Perform aircraft weight control activities) was developed to meet licencing requirements  and skill set MTA001 Aircraft Egress System Maintenance and the following units were updated to ensure that it continued to meet ADF regulatory requirements:

    • MEA356 Maintain light piston engine aircraft pressurisation systems
    • MEA205 Remove and install advanced aircraft instrument system components
    • MEA207 Remove and install aircraft electronic system components
    • MEA211 Inspect, test and troubleshoot advanced aircraft electrical systems and components
    • MEA289 Maintain basic light aircraft avionic systems and components

A further 46 units of competency were reviewed to ensure that supported these changes

For more information please visit: www.dwer.gov.au