April 15, 2017

There are many TAE Resources that claim or are presumed to be compliant (IBSA’s included). The problem, as many are finding in ASQA audits, is that no resource will be fully compliant, as the way it is used and the history of the TAE in each RTO will determine whether the product is right fit.

The purchase of TAE resources can be compared to the purchase of a new car. Once you choose the right car with the features you require for your personal use (i.e. cup holders and heated seats for me), you receive the car and a manual explaining all the features and providing guidance on how to use them. Importantly, you also receive a service guide and book which assists you in getting optimum value from your purchase and provides a tool for being able to record how you look after your vehicle.

What you are not provided is a licence to drive or instructions to drive the car. It is assumed that as you are purchasing the vehicle you are capable of driving the vehicle safely and correctly.

It is the same when selecting or developing TAE resources.

Many providers have the luxury when delivering TAE training of having very similar cohorts of students based on the program they offer. For example, a provider offering the TAE in a blended format with evening face to face sessions could quite likely attract those who are currently employed in the field of their choice and looking to become practitioners in this chosen field. Providers will find looking at historical data and surveying current and former students is a great way of determining the range of students they attract to each course. Incidentally, this is a major ASQA audit requirement – understanding past performance of previously delivered TAE programs.

What is IBSA doing with this information….

IBSA is currently using our strong knowledge of the new TAE compliance and audit requirements along with the VET Practitioner Capability Framework knowledge to develop its “New Car”, with increased options for comfort, accompanied by a comprehensive user manual to assist with driving in various conditions and most importantly providing a service guide and accompanying tools to assist drivers get the most value from their purchase!

Below is a release schedule and details of IBSA’s “New Car” or should we say TAE products.

TAE40116 Core Units & BSBCMM401 Elective – Standalone Units, Face to Face Delivery 
(Progressive Release 24 April – 19 May)

Participant workbooks – Access and Stretch Activities to support varying learning styles

Facilitator guides – Session Plans for Each Unit; PowerPoint Presentations

Assessments (MS Word format to allow for modification) – Assessment tasks for each unit of competence; Mapping documents; Comprehensive assessment instructions; Validated by industry experts

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