May 10, 2018

We’re celebrating National Manufacturing Week and Manufacturing Industry Reference Committees. Today, Manufacturing and Engineering (including Boating, Locksmiths, Jewellery and Watch/clocks) stats:

It took Beenleigh Steel Fabrication 30,000 workshop hours to complete steel fabrication for the Anna Meares Velodrome used at the Commonwealth Games.

The business that created Australia’s favourite boat, the ‘tinnie’, back in the 1950s still produces 15,000 per year.

A locksmith will typically take 7-10 minutes to open a locked door.

Quartz watches typically run at about plus or minus 15 seconds a month.

Australia produces around 95% of the world’s opal for use in the jewellery industry. One individual stone can produce various colours depending on the lighting or which way you look at it.

70% of Aussie women say they would still like a great looking engagement ring, but would prefer guys not to splash out on a really expensive rock so they can put the extra money towards saving for a house deposit or a honeymoon. (Really????)

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