May 9, 2018

We’re celebrating National Manufacturing Week #NMW18 and Manufacturing Industry Reference Committees. Today, Furnishing and Textiles, Clothing and Footwear stats:


The Australian furnishing and design industry is a key manufacturer employer, with direct manufacturing accounting for approximately 100,000 Australian jobs

IBISWorld reported that the furniture, hardware and online home furnishing sectors were all growing, with the online home furnishing industry expected to be worth a whopping $407.4 million by 2023

The technology for making glass dates back at least 5,000 years, and some form of stained glass was used in European Christian churches by the third or fourth century A.D.


Textiles, Clothing and Footwear

Australian’s are the world’s second largest consumers of fashion per capita – 27kgs of new clothing and textiles and spending an average of $2288 on clothing and footwear every year.

Australian soldiers wear two patterns of uniform. A woodland profile designed for Australian conditions, such as rainforests and northern Australia, and the desert pattern, which is worn in rocky, sandy places such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

The traditional chef’s white toque has one hundred folds around the diameter. Each one represents a hundred ways to cook an egg!

Adidas sold 1 million shoes made of ocean plastic in 2017

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