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Australian Training Products (ATP) is the Learning Resources department within IBSA Group. Its vision is centered on supporting successful careers and providing engaging learning experiences.

With over 10 years’ experience in the VET sector, ATP is a trusted supplier of high-quality learning resources and solutions to TAFEs and RTOs. ATP specialise in creating innovative learning solutions under a solid compliance framework that supports workforce training needs.

Developed by industry and subject matter experts, all digital resources and responsive eLearning modules are designed to encourage visual learning and increase learner retention levels, enabling learners to achieve their training goals.

What to expect

  • Resources developed by industry experts
    Subject Matter Experts and in-house learning and instructional designers create all ATP products
  • Highly interactive & engaging
    The learner journey is designed to be rich in multimedia and multi-modal content, yet effortless to travel through.
  • Comprehensive
    Covering all the essential learning materials, with facilitator and assessor resources available.
  • Easy to implement & contextualise
    Our eLearning can be used with your existing system, and our facilitator and assessor resources make contextualisation a breeze.
  • Seal of Quality
    Our in-house quality improvement team ensure all our products are developed to the highest quality standards
  • Engaging eLearning
    As the industry leaders in eLearning, learners can access our highly engaging and interactive content 24/7, and on any mobile device; all our resources are completely responsive.

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