February 22, 2018

The AISC endorsement of the Cases for Change will provide several industry sectors with solutions to upskill their workforces. They are now available for download on their relevant industry page. A summary of the cases is provided below:

Aeroskills – The MEA50215 Diploma of Aeroskills (Mechanical) will undergo development to align with CASA B1.2 and B1.4 subcategory licences.
Furnishing – The MSF30913 Blinds, Awnings, Security Screens and Grilles will be redeveloped and new units and skills sets created for to meet industry need and address new technologies.
Laboratory Operations – Skills requirements for the emerging biofuel and biomass sector will be investigated and training package comments developed.
Plastics, Rubber and Cablemaking – Qualifications and units will be reviewed and redeveloped to meet this sector’s current and emerging job roles with a focus on polymers.
Sustainability – A  number of units and a skill set will be redeveloped alongside development of a new unit ‘Interpreting and applying standards relating to Corporate Social Responsibility’.
Textiles, Clothing and Footwear – The Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Applied Fashion Design will be reviewed and new units and skills sets developed to make graduates job ready with a focus on fashion buying.

Work is expected to commence on these projects in March 2018. Detailed progress will be posted on our project pages as work progresses.


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