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Our vision

Shaping workforce skills for the future.

Our mission

In partnership with industry, IBSA will strengthen the training, upskilling and reskilling of workforces.

About IBSA Group

IBSA Group is a leading not-for-profit organisation in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. Our focus is on bridging the skills gap between what industry needs and what the learner attains.

Within the manufacturing sector, one of our key industry groups, we focus our efforts on understanding industry trends and future workforce needs through consultation and research. Our expertise lies in converting industry skills needs into national occupational standards.

IBSA Group, through its learning resources department Australian Training Products, develops high-quality accredited learning resources and solutions that respond to the needs of TAFEs and RTOs.

The IBSA Group is strongly placed to positively impact the VET sector within Australia and globally because of the depth of its engagement with stakeholders across industry, government and training providers.

The IBSA Group includes:

IBSA Manufacturing – Up until December 2022, IBSA Manufacturing was the Skills Service Organisation for the manufacturing industry. For more information, visit

Australian Training Products – The go-to provider of engaging workplace learning resources and training technologies developed under a solid compliance framework.  Its vision is centred on supporting successful careers for learners and trainers.

IBSA Academy – An online portal offering non-accredited, professional development for training practitioners.

We also partner with:

Coassemble – learning the easy way, with the all-in-one online training platform