January 15, 2021

As a national skills standards developer with extensive learning resources expertise, IBSA is pleased to introduce its new quality review service Quality Counts.

Quality Counts is available through IBSA’s commercial arm, Australian Training Products and delivers objective quality assessments for all your learning resources.

Quality Counts, offers comprehensive and hands-on analysis of all your learning and assessment resources benchmarked against the requirements of the Training Package standards. Our reviews provide clear recommendations to give you a transparent road map forward, and if needed, the option of amendment services.

It checks for:


  • Do the materials meet the required specifications?


  • Does it contain unintentional plagiarism; have the information sources been attributed correctly?


  • Does it flow properly? Is the correct grammar and language used?

AQF level

  • Is the language pitched at the correct level? (i.e. Diploma, Cert II etc.)

Your partner in Quality

With Australian Training Products on your team, you can enter your training environment prepared and confident that your learning and assessment resources are of the highest quality and cover national training package requirements.

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