About the Committee

The Manufacturing and Engineering Industry Reference Committee (IRC) is responsible for the MEM Manufacturing and Engineering, and MEM05 Metal and Engineering Training Packages. The Committee oversees the development of industry competency skills standards and qualifications in the Metal, Engineering and Boating Industries, as well as niche sectors such as jewelry manufacture and watch and clock repair. Learn more about the Metal, Engineering and Boating Industries and recent news.

Our Membership

All IRCs are appointed by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC). The IRC is made up of people with experience, skills, and knowledge to support training package development for the Metal, Engineering and Boating Industries.

Meet the Chair

Read our Q&A with Ian Curry

“The recipe for success has always involved the same things. Leadership, determination, innovation and, of course, the skills of our workforce… Whatever may evolve out of the debate about the future of the vocational education and training system, industry leadership and high quality training and assessment by professional teachers and trainers must remain non-negotiable.”